Thursday, October 16, 2008

Google Sketchup

You have probibly heard of google earth, but have you ever heard of google sketchup? Well it's the collest thing i've ever played with on the computer, and it's free! Google sketchup is a fun interactive way to desingn cool things in amazing 3D graphics. Everything on this program is easy, and everything is in perspective, which means the shadowing is super real and when you change the camera angle it looks super realistic. So far i've built a big town and lots of cool star wars models. If you would like to download this go to and search sketchup. Let the desining begin!

Friday, September 5, 2008

pictures of the cape

Cape Cod

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but it's hard to post when your mom is a typist. Finally the computer is in my possession. Cape Cod was a blast! But the cottag said this is going to be a long vacation. Eventually I got past the cottag and had a fun time. After seeing that cottag we looked at the private beach........... I had died and went to heavan. The beach was twice the size of the public beach and got better waves! As soon as I saw it I decided to go for a swim, but first I had to walk down the 81 steep stareway because of the steep cliff leading down to the beach. When we got down we felt like we had ran a marathon. After settling down I got to buy a body board. I first tryed my board on a 6 foot wave......... fast ride. I kept body boarding about once every day, sometime I would relley wipe out, I mean relley wipe out. I would flip over and have the wave carrey me all the way to shore.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Time trial?

The last time I had Allen over he told me that i should time how long it takes me to ride my gocart down the driveway into the side yard and back to the top of the driveway. My fastest time is 12 seconds. I was going about 30 or 40 the whole time. I did'nt slow down the whole time, so when I hit the hump in my laun I bownced out of my seat and onto the side rail of my gocart. Ow! above is a picture of Brin and me when I first got my gocart.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

To the cape!

After a year with no vacation what so ever were finally going somewere! CapeCod. I was so exited after my mom told me, but because I'm so exited the week has gone by slow. It seems as if every time I'm exited about something comeing up it always comes slow. The last time I was at the cape and can't even remember so it will be somewere new to be. 8)

love photography!

these are some pictures i've taken lately.I love black and white photos.

Finally got a blog!

After a year of saying "I'm going to get a blog" i've finally got a blog! I can finally say it, I got a blog! Allen helped me set up a blog, because for some reason I couldn't do it.FINALLY!