Friday, September 5, 2008

pictures of the cape

Cape Cod

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but it's hard to post when your mom is a typist. Finally the computer is in my possession. Cape Cod was a blast! But the cottag said this is going to be a long vacation. Eventually I got past the cottag and had a fun time. After seeing that cottag we looked at the private beach........... I had died and went to heavan. The beach was twice the size of the public beach and got better waves! As soon as I saw it I decided to go for a swim, but first I had to walk down the 81 steep stareway because of the steep cliff leading down to the beach. When we got down we felt like we had ran a marathon. After settling down I got to buy a body board. I first tryed my board on a 6 foot wave......... fast ride. I kept body boarding about once every day, sometime I would relley wipe out, I mean relley wipe out. I would flip over and have the wave carrey me all the way to shore.